The Nut Factor

An exciting macadamia nut product range

The macadamia is a creamy nut that offers many health benefits. Currently The Nut Factor has a number of exciting macadamia products all packed and ready to be sold.

We look forward to being able to provide you with one or all of these delightful and healthy products. Visit our shop at the Casterbridge Centre just outside White River in Mpumalanga, or purchase via this website.


Macadamia trees have been grown in the White River area in Mpumalanga Province for many years. Either these few farmers knew something others didn’t know or they were just lucky!

Today, due to the insatiable demand for the macadamia nut around the world, particularly in China and the United Stated of America there are simply not enough macadamias. Now it appears that the area around the town of White River is perfect for their growth.

The result is an explosion in the planting of macadamia trees in the area. There is now an estimated 28 000 hectares planted. This is increasing by 2 – 3 thousand every year. The centre of the macadamia industry in South Africa is White River, in an area stretching from Tzaneen in Limpopo Province in the North, and Barberton in Mpumalanga to the South.